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ACE Leadership Schools offer a core K-12 international curriculum leading to an accredited American High School Diploma, the Advanced Placement International Diploma or the International A Levels. Regardless of the track chosen, all learners are prepared to get admission into the most competitive universities in the world.
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Our schools harness the power of Blended Learning to give to learners the much needed 21st century skills


Our staff are ACE International teachers trained to bring out the genius of each learner.


Our pedagogical approach gives to each learner a personalized educational experience


Our K-12 Curriculum covers Primary school (Kindergarten to Grade 5) , Middle School ( Grade 6 to 8) and High School (Grade 9 to 12). In grades 9 and 10, students write the International General Certificate Of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and in Grades 11 and 12, they write AP Exams or International A Levels.


Africa is the cradle of humanity and civilization. Therefore, the world cannot be understood without the proper study of its African roots. Our Classical African Studies course provides to learners of all backgrounds a profound knowledge of African history and civilization. It reviews the scientific, artistic, literary, political, and religious influences of the continent on the world as we know it today.


The end goals of ACE Leadership Schools: Grooming a new breed of ethical and selfless leaders dedicated to the rebirth of Africa and the uplifting of humanity and training skillful entrepreneurs able and willing to use business principles to address the economic, social and environmental challenges facing Africa and the world.


All ACE students are expected to become fluent in at least three world languages: Swahili, French and English. Our International Language Center uses blended learning to offer other languages: Spanish, Chinese and more. The Language Centers are open to students and business professionals.


ACE Schools prepare their students for the following international qualifications or exams: Advanced Placement Exams, IGCSE, International A Levels.


We assist our graduates with university placement. With their international qualifications they have gained admission into top universities around the world

What Alumni Say

Dominique Nguewo

“ACE taught me two things: Discipline and Principles. The advice I have for current ACE student is in these two quotes I got from AAA, and that lead me in my everyday activities: - Dreams are not things to wait for, they are things to work for - and  -The task ahead of you is never as great as the strength within you- Be ambassadors of excellence, because you can always do better. ”

Malcolm Osih

“ ACE Leadership Schools have helped me in many ways. I now know what it takes to lead. I have developed my character and am able to get along and cooperate fruitfully with people beyong my current league ”